Monday, August 2, 2010

Buat ap yang disuruh oleh-NYA..:))

Posted by Siti Roena at 3:05 AM 0 comments
Salam semua, saja maw tulis2 in dis blog..
Td, tyme clazz BLE (business comuction), claz hbs awal.. 
Then, b4 we out we have to talk2 la..haha
Then, the chinese gurlz ask me:

She: kalau x ganti posa, sapa yang tahu
Me: Ad, tuhan tahu..

but shes looked blank2, then i gtaw dia

Me: means, u da buat dosa la
She: so, sy da buat dosa la xposa..

then we laughing together...;))
Pengajaran d sini, setiap ap yg kita buat ALLAH tahu,
so make sure do what we must do, dont do what we can't do...


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